Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

Olga syahputra dikabarkan meninggal

Selamat jalan olga...
With heartfelt condolences,
Our thoughts & prayers are with you and
you will always be remembered..
Mom, why do the best people die so soon? | When you're in a garden, which flowers do you pick? | Themost beatiful ones
Is it true ? (╥_╥) (╥_╥)
He gone but not forgotten
We love u Olga
I can't believe he died :(
One of the best indonesian comedian has passed away...you'll be missed.
my favorite comedian #RIPOlgaSyahputra thanks for everything you give to us!
My deepest condolences for his family. Heaven is a place for you now.
Thank you Olga for all the fun times and laughter. You are the best
Mom,why do the best people die?When u're in a garden,which flowers do u pick?
Themost beatiful ones
lets take a moment to thank Olga who has entertained us. he was actually a nice person. a great comedian.
"We are not Olga Lovers, but We were ever laughed because of him."
Farewell. Thank you for the laugh, the joy and the inspiration you gave us
Thank you for make us laugh. We Will Miss You
Innalillahi wainnailaihi rodji'un.
Even i'm not his fan but with the deepest heart, i'm sad to hear that ...
you were the one who is very good and has a noble heart .. I hope you calm there
I didn't know olga well at all. But it's always sad to hear of a death in the community
Thank you Olga for all the fun times and laughter. You are the best